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“Hala yapacak çok işim var”
— Robin

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Winter is the fourth season in Stardew Valley. It's followed by Spring and preceded by Fall. Winter is one of the most difficult seasons, because all the grass and weeds on the farm die out. This makes fiber and hay more difficult to obtain (fiber can still be found in The Mines, but hay must be purchased from Marnie's Ranch). However, some of the most valuable items in the game appear only in Winter.



Day Name

Calendar Flag Anim.gif Festival of Ice


Iridium Quality.png Night Market


Calendar Flag Anim.gif Feast of the Winter Star


Day Villager
01 Krobus Icon.png Krobus
03 Linus Icon.png Linus
07 Caroline Icon.png Caroline
10 Sebastian Icon.png Sebastian
14 Harvey Icon.png Harvey
17 Wizard Icon.png Büyücü
20 Evelyn Icon.png Evelyn
23 Leah Icon.png Leah
26 Clint Icon.png Clint


There are no plantable crops in Winter with the exception of Winter Seeds.

Image Name Description Ingredients Recipe Source
Winter Seeds.png
Wild Seeds (Wi)
(Winter Seeds)
Çeşit çeşit yabani kış tohumu. Winter Root.png Kış Kökü (1)Crystal Fruit.png Kristal Meyve (1)Snow Yam.png Kar Patatesi (1)Crocus.png Çiğdem (1) Foraging Skill Icon.png Foraging Level 7


Ana madde: Foraging

The Nautilus Shell.png Notilus Kabuğu can be found at The Beach only in Winter. In addition, the following items can be found while foraging during Winter: Foraging


Ana madde: Balık

There are a variety of fish which can only be caught during specific seasons. Listed below are all fish catchable during Winter.

Fish that can be caught during all seasons are not listed.

Note: Any Fish can be used for recipes with the tag "any fish" (i.e., Sashimi.png Saşimi, Maki Roll.png Dilim Maki, Quality Fertilizer.png Kaliteli Gübre).

Image Name Description Price Fisher.png Fisher Profession (+25%) Angler Icon.png Angler Profession (+50%) Location Time Season Weather Size (inches) Difficulty & Behavior Base XP Used In

Night Market Fish


Livin' Off The Land Tips

Winter Tip.png