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“Hala yapacak çok işim var”
— Robin

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Fall is the third season players play through. It's followed by winter and preceded by summer. Some of the most valuable crops can grow during Fall.



Day Name

Calendar Flag Anim.gif Stardew Valley Fair


Calendar Flag Anim.gif Spirit's Eve


Day Event
8-11 Blackberry Season


Day Villager
02 Penny Icon.png Penny
05 Elliott Icon.png Elliott
11 Jodi Icon.png Jodi
13 Abigail Icon.png Abigail
15 Sandy Icon.png Sandy
18 Marnie Icon.png Marnie
21 Robin Icon.png Robin
24 George Icon.png George


Ana madde: Ekinler

The following Crops can be grown in Fall. Note that the "Seed Price" shown is the General Store price, unless otherwise indicated. "Maximum Harvests per Season" assumes no fertilizer is used and the Agriculturist profession is not chosen. "Gold/Day" assumes no fertilizer is used and the Tiller profession is not chosen. See the Crops page for the full calculation.

Artichoke Seeds are available from year 2+.

Single Harvest

Crop Seed Price Days
to Grow
Maximum Harvests
per Season
Sells For Gold/Day
Amaranth.png Horozibiği Gold.png70g 7 days 3 Gold.png150g Gold.png11,43g
Artichoke.png Enginar Gold.png30g 8 days 3 Gold.png160g Gold.png16,25g
Beet.png Pancar Oasis: Gold.png20g 6 days 4 Gold.png100g Gold.png13,33g
Bok Choy.png Çin Lahanası Gold.png50g 4 days 6 Gold.png80g Gold.png7,5g
Fairy Rose.png Perigülü Gold.png200g 12 days 2 Gold.png290g Gold.png7,5g
Pumpkin.png Balkabağı Gold.png100g 13 days 2 Gold.png320g Gold.png16,92g
Sunflower.png Ayçiçeği Gold.png200g 8 days 3 Gold.png80g Gold.png-15g
Sweet Gem Berry.png Tatlıtaş Meyvesi Traveling Cart: Gold.png1.000g 24 days 1 Gold.png3.000g Gold.png83,33g
Wheat.png Buğday Gold.png10g 4 days Fall: 6
Summer and Fall: 13
Gold.png25g Gold.png3,75g
Yam.png Tatlı Patates Gold.png60g 10 days 2 Gold.png160g Gold.png10g

Multiple Harvests

Note that each cranberry plant produces 2 Cranberries at harvest.

Crop Seed Price Days
to Grow
Regrowth Maximum Harvests
per Season
Sells For Gold/Day
Corn.png Mısır Gold.png150g 14 days 4 days Fall: 4
Summer and Fall: 11
Gold.png50g Fall only: ≈Gold.png1,92g
Summer and Fall: ≈Gold.png7,41g
Cranberries.png Kızılcık Gold.png240g 7 days 5 days 5 Gold.png75g (x2) Gold.png18,89g
Eggplant.png Patlıcan Gold.png20g 5 days 5 days 5 Gold.png60g Gold.png11,2g
Grape.png Üzüm Gold.png60g 10 days 3 days 6 Gold.png80g Gold.png16,8g


Ana madde: Foraging

The player can find the following items while foraging during Fall: Foraging


Ana madde: Balık

There are a variety of fish which can only be caught during specific seasons. Listed below are all fish catchable during Fall.

Fish that can be caught during all seasons are not listed.

Note: Any Fish can be used for recipes with the tag "any fish" (i.e., Sashimi.png Saşimi, Maki Roll.png Dilim Maki, Quality Fertilizer.png Kaliteli Gübre).

Image Name Description Price Fisher.png Fisher Profession (+25%) Angler Icon.png Angler Profession (+50%) Location Time Season Weather Size (inches) Difficulty & Behavior Base XP Used In