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“Hala yapacak çok işim var”
— Robin

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You can become friends with Pelican Town's villagers. As your friendships deepen, the villagers' dialogue lines become more friendly, cut-scenes called heart events occur, and the villagers send you gifts in the mail.

Friendship mechanics

Point system

Each villager has a friendship score represented by a ten-heart meter (for a normal villager) or twelve-heart meter (for your spouse):

Seven Hearts.png

Each heart is 250 friendship points. You can view all heart meters on the social tab of the game menu.

When talking to villagers, a circle will appear next to their portrait. Its color will depend on the number of hearts you have with the villager. Blue denotes 0 hearts, green for 2, yellow for 4, red for 6, purple for 8, and at 10-12 hearts a purple star will appear. Hovering the mouse over the circle will display the number of hearts out of 10, if not married.


You can increase friendship points by:

  • talking to villagers (+10 if the villager is in the middle of a special animation, like exercising or using a camera, otherwise +20; can only score once per day);
  • completing a delivery quest for them (+150);
  • giving them a gift they like (see Gifts);
  • additional points for a second liked or loved gift in a week (see Gifts);
  • making certain choices in their heart events.

You can lose friendship points by:

  • not talking to a villager (see Decay);
  • giving them a gift they dislike (see Gifts);
  • hitting them with a slingshot (-30, can only score once per day);
  • rummaging through a trash can when they're within 7 tiles of you (-25, except Linus who doesn't mind). They will speak to indicate that they have seen you.

You may enter a villager's bedroom when the relevant heart meter reads at least 2 hearts. This level improves access to the villager for talking and gifting.

You receive (or deduct) friendship points as normal on a festival day, based upon any contact with a villager that happens outside of the festival itself. However, talking to a villager during a festival yields no friendship points, although it may reveal interesting information. You may, however, talk with a villager once outside the festival, and talk again during the festival, if the festival schedule and place permit it. But if attending the festival means you have no possibility of talking to a villager, you will still lose two friendship points.

Friendship points can increase up to a maximum of 2749 (one point less than 11 hearts), when you do talk or give a liked or loved gift to a villager whose heart meter is full.

With marriage candidates, the meter pauses at 8 hearts. It will stay that way forever unless you give the candidate a bouquet to indicate your romantic interest. If you do so, that meter is unlocked and operates as before until ten hearts is reached. It is possible to give a bouquet to any and all marriage candidates, and raise all their friendship levels to 10 hearts, without damage to your relationships with other romantic partners, so long as you have not yet proposed. (If you have proposed or are married, there is a chance your fiancé/spouse may become jealous.)

Dating all bachelors or bachelorettes may result in a Group Ten Heart event, which does not affect friendship, but may prevent you from giving gifts for one week afterwards.

When you propose marriage, the heart meters of all other marriage candidates convert to the behavior of all other villagers, since none are marriage candidates any longer. After the marriage ceremony, your spouse's meter unlocks once again. The social tab displays a 12-heart meter, but the friendship level actually can rise as far as 13 hearts.


Each day, not talking to a villager will slightly decrease their friendship unless their heart meter is full.[1] When married, decay never stops — don't ignore your spouse!

relationship decay rate when decay stops
married -20/day never
gave bouquet -8/day 10 hearts
pre-bouquet -2/day 8 hearts
not romanceable -2/day 10 hearts


You can give each villager one gift per day, up to two gifts per week, as indicated by the checkboxes in the social tab. For the purpose of gift-giving, the week begins on Sunday. If you give a villager two gifts in a week, that heart meter will rise an additional ten friendship points on Sunday morning when you get up.

You can always give a birthday gift to a villager, even if you've already given that character two other gifts that week. Glitch: If you do, one of the checkbox checks against their name will disappear. Even so, you cannot then give yet another gift that week.

You can give your spouse one gift every day of the week.

Each villager has individual likes and dislikes, which affects how many friendship points are gained when you give them a gift. The friendship points are multiplied on their birthday (×8) and Secret Santa event (×5):

Gift Taste Normal Santa (×5) Birthday (×8)
Love +80 +400 +640
Like +45 +225 +360
Neutral +20 +100 +160
Dislike -20 -100 -160
Hate -40 -200 -320

If a gift is liked or loved, the points gained will be further affected by quality of the item:

Quality Multiplier
Normal +0%
Silver Quality.png Silver +10%
Gold Quality.png Gold +25%
Iridium Quality.png Iridium +50%

Kalp Olayları

Gaining friendship with each villager will unlock unique events (see each villager's article for the requirements). It's possible to permanently miss some events, though most events can be viewed at your leisure or out of order.


Ana madde: Evlilik

Oyuncu bazı kasabalılarla romantik ilişki yaşayabilir (bkz. evlilik adayları). Geçerli bir kasabalıyla sekiz kalbe ulaştığınızda, ona buket verip dokuzuncu ve onuncu kalbin kilidini açabilirsiniz. Geçerli bir kasabalı ile on kalbe ulaştığınızda ona evlilik teklif etmek için Denizkızı Kolyesi'ni verebilirsiniz.

Bir kasabalıyla evlendikten sonra arkadaşlık ölçerleri on iki kalbe çıkar. On üçüncü gizli kalbe ulaşmak ise size bir yıldızkaydı verecektir.


Ana madde: Görevler

Başlangıçtaki tanışma görevi tamamlanınca kasabadaki 28 kişiden oluşan kasaba halkının her biriyle arkadaşlık puanınız 100 puan artar. (Büyücü bu kasabalıların arasında değildir.)

Bir Ürün Teslim Görevi tamamlamak, görevi veren kasabalıyla arkadaşlık puanınızı 150 puan arttırır.


Ana madde: Festivals

Three festivals can affect friendship points with villagers:

  • The Flower Dance increases friendship 250 points (one heart) with your dance partner, unless the partner is locked at eight hearts beforehand.
  • The Luau can increase or decrease friendship points with most villagers (all except Sandy, the Wizard, Krobus, and the Dwarf).
  • Your gift to your secret friend at the Feast of the Winter Star is worth 5x the normal amount of friendship points.

In addition, talking or giving gifts to villagers at the Night Market will increase friendship with them, in the same way as it does outside of festivals.

Bulletin Board Bundles

Ana madde: Bundles

Completing all Bulletin Board bundles improves the player's friendship rating with non-datable villagers by two hearts (500 points). Note that this applies only to non-datable villagers whom you have met in person. Villagers who do not show on the "Social" tab of the player menu and villagers whose names appear as "???" will not receive 500 points.

Note that you do not have to understand Dwarvish for the Dwarf to receive 500 points. In contrast, you do have to understand Dwarvish for gifts to affect friendship with the Dwarf.

Universal Gifts

See also: List of All Gifts

Below are lists of items that are universally loved, liked, considered neutral, disliked, or hated. Note that there are some exceptions and that individual villager tastes override any universal tastes.
Preferences for Eggs, Milk, Fruit, and most Foraged Items vary by villager, and are generally not listed here.

Note that Dinosaur Eggs are considered Artifacts and not Eggs for gifting purposes.

Universal Loves

This is a list of items that every villager absolutely loves to receive as a gift. These items are guaranteed to give the most points (80) towards your relationship, but may be difficult to obtain.

When given a loved gift, villagers usually respond with a heart dialogue bubble. DialogueBubbleLove.png

Universal Loves exceptions

Universal Likes

Though worth fewer friendship points than a loved gift, a liked gift increases friendship by 45 points, and is often much easier to obtain.

Universal Likes exceptions

Below is an Expandable table of all Universal Likes exceptions, listed by Villager. (See also: List of All Gifts)

Villager Loves Dislikes Hates

Abigail Icon.png Abigail

Gems: Amethyst
Cooking: Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Spicy Eel
Vegetables: Pumpkin
All Vegetables except Pumpkin

Alex Icon.png Alex

Cooking: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner

Caroline Icon.png Caroline

Cooking: Fish Taco
Flowers: Summer Spangle
Artisan Goods: Duck Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise
Vegetables: Amaranth

Clint Icon.png Clint

All Gems except Diamond
Cooking: Algae Soup, Fiddlehead Risotto
All Flowers (except Poppy)

Demetrius Icon.png Demetrius

Cooking: Bean Hotpot, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding

Dwarf Icon.png Dwarf

All Gems except Diamond

Elliott Icon.png Elliott

Cooking: Crab Cakes, Tom Kha Soup
Fruit Tree Fruit: Pomegranate
Cooking: Pizza Vegetables: Amaranth

Emily Icon.png Emily

Artisan Goods: Cloth
Cooking: Survival Burger
All Gems except Diamond
Cooking: Fried Eel, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, Spicy Eel Cooking: Fish Taco, Maki Roll, Salmon Dinner, Sashimi

Evelyn Icon.png Evelyn

Cooking: Chocolate Cake, Stuffing
Flowers: Fairy Rose, Tulip
Gems: Diamond
Vegetables: Beet
Cooking: Fried Eel, Maki Roll, Sashimi, Spicy Eel, Trout Soup
Vegetables: Garlic

George Icon.png George

Cooking: Fried Mushroom All Flowers (except Poppy)

Gus Icon.png Gus

Cooking: Escargot, Fish Taco
Fruit Tree Fruit: Orange
Gems: Diamond
Cooking: Coleslaw

Haley Icon.png Haley

Cooking: Fruit Salad, Pink Cake
Flowers: Sunflower
All Vegetables (except Hops & Wheat)

Harvey Icon.png Harvey

Artisan Goods: Coffee, Pickles, Truffle Oil, Wine
Cooking: Super Meal
Artisan Goods: Cheese, Goat Cheese

Jas Icon.png Jas

Cooking: Pink Cake, Plum Pudding
Flowers: Fairy Rose
All Vegetables (except Hops & Wheat) All Artisan Goods (except Mead & Oil)

Jodi Icon.png Jodi

Cooking: Chocolate Cake, Crispy Bass, Eggplant Parmesan, Fried Eel, Pancakes, Rhubarb Pie, Vegetable Medley
Gems: Diamond
Vegetables: Garlic

Kent Icon.png Kent

Cooking: Fiddlehead Risotto, Roasted Hazelnuts Cooking: Algae Soup, Sashimi, Tortilla

Krobus Icon.png Krobus

Gems: Diamond
Vegetables: Pumpkin
All Cooking except Bread, Fried Egg, & Strange Bun
Misc: Life Elixir

Leah Icon.png Leah

Artisan Goods: Goat Cheese, Wine
Cooking: Poppyseed Muffin, Salad, Stir Fry, Vegetable Medley
All Foraged Minerals except Earth Crystal
All Gems except Diamond & Prismatic Shard
Cooking: Carp Surprise, Cookie, Ice Cream, Pink Cake, Rice Pudding, Survival Burger, Tortilla
Cooking: Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Pizza

Lewis Icon.png Lewis

Cooking: Autumn's Bounty, Glazed Yams, Vegetable Medley

Linus Icon.png Linus

Cooking: Blueberry Tart, Dish o' The Sea
Vegetables: Yam
All Foraged Minerals
All Gems except Diamond & Prismatic Shard

Marnie Icon.png Marnie

Cooking: Farmer's Lunch, Pink Cake, Pumpkin Pie
Gems: Diamond

Maru Icon.png Maru

Cooking: Cheese Cauliflower, Miner's Treat, Pepper Poppers, Rhubarb Pie
Gems: Diamond
Vegetables: Cauliflower
Misc: Maple Syrup Artisan Goods: Honey, Pickles

Pam Icon.png Pam

Artisan Goods: Beer, Mead, Pale Ale
Cooking: Glazed Yams, Parsnip Soup
Vegetables: Parsnip

Penny Icon.png Penny

Cooking: Poppyseed Muffin, Red Plate, Roots Platter, Tom Kha Soup
Gems: Diamond, Emerald
Cooking: Algae Soup, Pale Broth Artisan Goods: Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, Wine

Pierre Icon.png Pierre

Cooking: Fried Calamari All Foraged Minerals
All Gems except Diamond & Prismatic Shard
Cooking: Parsnip Soup, Tortilla
Vegetables: Corn, Garlic

Robin Icon.png Robin

Artisan Goods: Goat Cheese
Cooking: Spaghetti
Fruit Tree Fruit: Peach

Sam Icon.png Sam

Cooking: Maple Bar, Pizza All Vegetables (except Hops & Wheat) Artisan Goods: Duck Mayonnaise, Mayonnaise, Pickles

Sandy Icon.png Sandy

Flowers: Crocus, Sweet Pea

Sebastian Icon.png Sebastian

Cooking: Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi All Flowers (except Poppy) All Artisan Goods (except Coffee, Mead, & Oil)
Cooking: Complete Breakfast, Farmer's Lunch, Omelet

Shane Icon.png Shane

Artisan Goods: Beer
Cooking: Pepper Poppers, Pizza
Artisan Goods: Pickles

Vincent Icon.png Vincent

Cooking: Cranberry Candy, Pink Cake All Vegetables (except Hops & Wheat) All Artisan Goods (except Mead & Oil)

Willy Icon.png Willy

Artisan Goods: Mead
Gems: Diamond
Vegetables: Pumpkin
All Cooking except for the following dishes he likes: Baked Fish, Carp Surprise, Chowder, Crab Cakes, Crispy Bass, Fish Stew, Fish Taco, Fried Calamari, Fried Eel, Lobster Bisque, Salmon Dinner, & Trout Soup
Misc: Life Elixir

Universal Neutrals

This is a list of items that will elicit a neutral response from the villagers, and give 20 points toward friendship. There are some exceptions.

Universal Neutrals exceptions

Universal Dislikes

This is a list of items that will decrease friendship by 20 points when given as gifts.

Universal Dislikes exceptions

Universal Hates

This is a list of items that will decrease friendship by 40 points when given as gifts.

When given a hated gift, villagers usually respond with a hate dialogue bubble. DialogueBubbleHate.png

Universal Hates exceptions


There are 6 Achievements related to Friendship:

  • A New Friend (Reach a 5-heart friend level with someone)
  • Best Friends (Reach a 10-heart friend level with someone)
  • The Beloved Farmer (Reach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people)
  • Cliques (Reach a 5-heart friend level with 4 people)
  • Networking (Reach a 5-heart friend level with 10 people)
  • Popular (Reach a 5-heart friend level with 20 people)


If you give a birthday gift to a villager when you've already given that character two other gifts that week, one of the checkbox checks against their name will disappear. This does not allow you to give an additional gift that week.


  • 1.3: The Golden Pumpkin is now a universal love instead of a universal hate. Added new item, the Pearl, as a universal love.


  1. See Farmer::resetFriendshipsForNewDay in the game code.