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Yeni Kullanıcı

Ben yeni bir viki kulanıcısıyım ve Büyücü'nün Kulesini Hazırladım ama hiç diğerleri gibi olmadı bana yardım edebilir misin Margotbean JoleliLolipop (mesaj) 09.59, 11 Mart 2021 (UTC)

Hello JoleliLolipop! Please forgive me, I don't speak Turkish, I must use an online translator. The normal procedure is to "View Source" on the English wiki, and copy the text in the white box, then paste it into the Turkish wiki. After that, you start translating. I've done this for Büyücü'nün Kulesi already.
Remember that new editors cannot make large edits, so make smaller edits and save in-between. Best of luck! margotbean (mesaj) 20.20, 11 Mart 2021 (UTC)

Corrupt translations

As far as I've seen from the earlier talk, you don't really know Turkish, and therefore, I'd kindly request you not to edit translations. And since you don't know the language too, let me clarify some things:

  • "Gezgin" means "traveler, person who travels". "Seyahat" means "travel". "Sepet" might mean "cart", but not the cart pulled by animals, it refers to little baskets you carry stuff in. As you can see, "basket of travel" doesn't really mean "traveling cart" and sounds like a machine translation (and, as you stated above, it most likely is).
  • As you said that you are the wiki admin, I'd like you to change the name of the "Yığınları" to "Yığınlar". The last "-ı" suffix is accusative suffix, and without a prior context, it gets people asking "what bundle?". That's weird as the way it is right now.

If I've been rude, I'm sorry. But trust me, if some guy that explicitly states that he doesn't know your language comes over and changes ALL of your translations as if they knew better, you'd behave like me, too. I just wanted to do some good for the community and translate all pages, one by one, in alphabetical order, and not having someone corrupt my translations after I submit them would be very cool. I'd like them reverted. Have a nice day. FurkanS1821 (mesaj) 01.45, 30 Nisan 2021 (UTC)

Hello Furkan! Welcome to the wiki! First of all, I meant no disrespect to your language, and yes, I don't speak a word of Turkish, as is obvious. The problem is, several pages already link to the existing (bad) translation for Traveling Cart, including 11 other languages. I checked, and another Turkish translator used the translation, so I guessed that it was ok. Obviously not.
I can make the changes tomorrow, from the bad translation to the proper one. In the future, please discuss bad translations with me before committing them to the wiki, so I can make the cascading changes on this wiki and the other language wikis. It may be a simple case of creating a redirect, or the changes might be more involved. But I can assess that only if you discuss bad translations with me before creating a lot of changes.
Thanks for your hard work in translating. I know it's tedious. And please make sure to stick to in-game translations wherever there are official translations. margotbean (mesaj) 02.15, 30 Nisan 2021 (UTC)


Hi, i am new to this wiki. But, i have played Stardew Valley more than 300 hours and my native language is Turkish. I will contribute the translations as much as i can. TerenceStardewFan (mesaj) 14.40, 8 Mayıs 2021 (UTC) TerenceStardewFan TerenceStardewFan (mesaj) 14.40, 8 Mayıs 2021 (UTC)

Welcome to the wiki! margotbean (mesaj) 18.24, 8 Mayıs 2021 (UTC)

How to Become a Manager

how do i become an admin on stardew valley wiki?

Well, you have the enthusiasm, but you need to do several things.
  1. Learn the game well, especially late-game events and mechanics. This includes learning the name the game uses to call things (items, places, etc.)
  2. Learn mediawiki syntax. This is especially important because I'm spending a lot of time cleaning up bad edits that you've made.
  3. Read the instructions at the top of the page for how to sign your posts with 4 tildes ~~~~, and use that information to sign your posts.
  4. Make significant contributions to the wiki, with minimal errors.
I would suggest starting with #2. margotbean (mesaj) 14.16, 29 Haziran 2021 (UTC)

So who should I contact to become an admin?

So who should I contact when I have all these Items?

Please stop signing each page of the wiki with your signature. You only need to sign comments on talk pages like this one. Avoid making stray comments like "94/5000 pages translated" on content pages as well.
You continue to make the same kinds of errors by translating the names of templates. If you see {{English name|words words words}} then you should not translate the "English name" part, as it causes redlinks. You can see these if you preview the page, or after saving your edits. If you stopped making this specific error, I would have a lot less cleanup to do. Thanks, margotbean (mesaj) 15.17, 30 Haziran 2021 (UTC)